What to Do After #metoo

Our Courage, Honesty, & Responsibility


We are in the midst of peeling off a huge band-aid in this #metoo movement. This is a pivotal moment in time. I believe we can rise differently and radically impact long-term outcome. This keynote is for audiences ready to be challenged.


Available as a 30- to 60-minute keynote. The 60 minute version allows for personal reflection,  journaling, and/or group discussion. Applicable for churches, community groups, and corporate settings grappling with harassment. It could also be part of a community wide conversation and forum.

Key Topics

This program draws on my healing experience and how it can be applied to you – survivor or community member:

  • How does our relationship with Courage, Honesty, & Responsibility need to change?
  • What keeps us from interrupting abuse?
  • So often we feel powerless, how do we interrupt that in ourselves?
  • What are the hard questions in our community that can be addressed?
  • How can we support the survivors in our community?