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Hashtags Don’t Save Children, You Do #saveourchildren #savethechildren

What will save our children? Not a # with adrenaline boosting stories about kidnapping. Not a political party or religious belief. Not over-blown stories about celebrity pedophile rings. Not emphasis on only rich and privileged people buying children. Not sensationalized mis-used numbers about missing children. Not code words about how to order a child at a […]

#metoo & #covid19 Parallels of Global Pandemics

The first global pandemic in my lifetime was #metoo, it was our first #weareinthistogether moment. While women spoke up loud and clear, every age, gender, color, culture, social class, religious and political side joined the chorus of the #metoo and #timesup movement. Many of us spoke up for the first time in our lives. We […]

Dear Movement Allies,

Dear Movement Allies, Please don’t use the words “rescue” or “save” anymore. This story is not about you. It’s about me finding freedom from violent oppression. Rescue negates my resilience to survive while pursuing my freedom. Pursue freedom. Yes, I did that all the while I was not free. Save limits my ability to participate in my freedom. Rescue says I’m not capable […]