Expanding Courage, Honesty,
and Responsibility.

Healing from #metoo requires an intentional shift. I love to help survivors remove the victim from their voice and move forward in life.
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Are you ready for radical healing? Let’s move forward together.

 I decided a long time ago I wanted radical healing from my past trauma. I am Radically Blessed today. Are you ready to create change in your life? Are you ready to defy old expectations?

Take your LIFE beyond ordinary to FUN and FULFILLING.


The topic of healing sexual abuse and exploitation is serious and emotional, and yet, I like to find space to have a laugh or two. I love to teach self-help and self-care tools. I share how these tools worked for me and how worthwhile this work of recovery from #metoo is, because of the freedom found on the other side of the work.

TEDx Talk


Are you ready to find find your voice? Are you ready to work with your emotions? Are you ready to make changes to create a better life? I can help. Often the work begins with expanding your ability to love and accept yourself. I love this work – I was born to help people. I have several practical tools to help you navigate self-care.



The Other F Word, My Handbook on Forgiveness – coming early 2019. My healing took a radical turn when I approached forgiveness. I found myself asking, “What would my life be like if I didn’t carry around this resentment anymore?” I’d carried it my whole life. I had no idea what to expect. Joy was the outcome.



  • Angela is a Wise Gift

    Angela is heart-centered and wise. She quickly and easily puts me at ease, and she has remarkable intuition. I always emerge from sessions with Angela feeling hopeful, heard, supported, and encouraged.

    Carrie Minturn CEO

  • Angela’s Work is Transformational

    Angela’s insight, wisdom, and heart-centered focus, enabled me to look at an issue from the past, and how it was still negatively affecting my life.  Her gentle and kind approach helped me through the process of releasing it.  She is truly the angel her name implies.

    Carole J. Hyder, M.A. Integrative Spaces Specialist & Feng Shui Professional

  • Working with Angela Helped Me Tremendously

    For the first time, in a therapeutic session, I felt understood. Angela helped me move out of an old story and into deeper intimacy in my relationship. Tapping with Angela helped give me energy to do the things I wanted to do with my business and life.

    Tom Wilson

  • TEDx Grand Junction Attendee

    Angela, I just wanted to thank you for your insights and bravery! I was asked at a gathering Saturday evening who my favorite speaker was and boy, did I feel like I was under fire trying to decide. There were just so many great, provocative speakers! Then I remembered all the raw emotion we experienced as a group when you spoke, and I knew I had my answer – it was you! Thanks again.


  • TEDx Grand Junction Organizers

    The pleasure was ours. Thank you for being a wonderful part of this event!

  • TEDx Grand Junction Attendee

    I’m proud to know you, and proud of you for speaking up about your #metoo story.