I’m certain that the best changes in our world have been born from the courageous, ruckus-making bad victims who have gone before us.

My second open letter to Pieper Lewis, a courageous survivor soul in Iowa.

I’m ready to speak up and out and am grateful to the Des Moines Register for publishing my words.

Here is the link to Pieper’s original story as reported in the Des Moines Register.

My first letter to Pieper.

Second article about Pieper’s story.

Today’s published letter to Pieper (with a quote from the Polaris NSS).

For too long, victims have been silenced, let’s keep listening to survivors.
I’m starting a podcast, if you’d like to join that platform for change, please click here to my Patreon page for Transactional Love, When Families Sell Children.

Thank you friends!


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