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Human Trafficking Survivor Leader Mindfulness & TTT Teacher …


I share my story of Human Trafficking & my recovery. Human Trafficking education is a necessary part of changing the future, which means I’m passionate about it. I’m just as passionate about sharing the tools that I used in my recovery to inspire audiences to move forward in their personal development and self-care.


I love sharing my story and educating folks about trauma recovery and human trafficking. Several podcast and radio interviews are here along with my TEDx Talk from Grand Junction, CO.


I’ve loved writing from a young age and share some of the wisdom that emerges during my recovery.
I have fun guest blogging too.
I’ve got a book underway: The Other F Word, My Handbook on Forgiveness.

3 Elements for Change –
Courage, Honesty, & Responsibility

Free Resources for Healing, Self-Care, & Recovery

There are lots of great resources that I share here for the daily practice of self-care. When we pick up our tools and work on ourselves, we become survivors and are on the road to thriving.
Moving out of victim mentality is the first step in moving forward.

I love to hear from you …

I’ll share new blog posts, resources, classes, speaking engagements, and progress with my book.

I hope we can inspire each other to keep moving forward. When I hear from someone that has been impacted by my work, it keeps me inspired to keep going. This work is my calling and has the attention of my whole heart.

Healing & Recovery

… there are plenty of rainbows after the storms.

Healing and recovery take a lot of hard work. It takes a personal courage and persistence that I do believe each of us contain. It’s a matter of remembering our innate strength.
When I’m struggling to keep moving forward, I look for inspiring stories of how others have gone before me. I’ve got a few Inspirations listed on the Resource page.

The Sun Always Rises Again

The sun always rises, day after day. It’s more steady than anything else in my life. I love celebrating the sun each morning because it always shows up. I have more photos of sunrises than anything else. It’s steady presence brings me peace, calm, and joy like nothing else. What does this for you? Find the one thing and celebrate it regularly. It’s essential self-care.

A little bit about me
and my previous work

Angela Rae Clark is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation. Angela is a survivor leader, speaker, and teacher of mindfulness tools for interrupting patterns of trauma and vicarious trauma. Her presentations are informative, educational, and inspirational.

Angela is a Member of the National Survivor Network for Human Trafficking, Fellow of the Human Trafficking Leadership Academy, Ambassador for Peaceful Heart Network, and Advocate for Finding Recovery and Empowerment from Abuse and Healing From Sexual Abuse. Angela’s TEDx Talk, What To Do After #metoo, can be viewed on this site. She is working on her book, The Other F Word, My Handbook on Forgiveness. Angela enjoys dancing, singing, hiking, and adventures in the wild. Angela loves her life and wants other survivors to know they can thrive too.

I love hearing from you. Please write and let me know how I might help you with your journey.

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