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My most recent content creation is this: Beauty Industry TIPS-Final2023.
I’m incredibly grateful to the survivors that informed this project. It’s being distributed to cosmetology students currently in Western Colorado.

I’m excited to be launching the Justice is My Healing Worksheet Series that can support survivors learning to self-advocate.

Here’s the first one in the series:

Self-Advocate Series -TraumaGriefLossAnniversary

I’ve done many things to heal. I emphasize in my work that it takes a whole person approach to find our way back from the dehumanizing experience of being trafficked. Here’s a comprehensive list of what I’ve done to heal and the crimes I’m recovering from.


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Last year I created the Survivor Voice Project as a collaboration with Western Slope Against Trafficking Task Force.

Here’s a brief description of the SurvivorVoiceProject that we did in Western Colorado. If you want to replicate the project in your area, please send me a note and I’ll send you a more detailed guide.

One more resource that I want everyone to know about: SAFE=Survivors Against Familial Exploitation.  https://www.safe4us.org

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