Each of these topics can include relevant portions of my personal story and healing. I do not wish to focus on the details of my abuse and trauma – that rarely serves the listener.

Healing Broken Hearts
Access to Recovery & Re-Defining Care

Unpacking trauma and healing that truly transforms us from the inside out is often what we simply don’t know how to do. Sometimes we need permission from someone else to do the work that we tend to dance around. Expanding our perception of what heals us and listening to our inner guidance is what brings us to the experience of healing. Somatic work, energy medicine, and other tools are explained.

Available as a 30- to 60-minute keynote or breakout. Can be combined with a 3 hour workshop of tool sharing from 3 perspectives: Self-care for survivors, Self-care for Healers/Therapists, and Practicing Compassion for Friends & Family of Survivors of Trauma. This presentation gives tools and practical tips on how to navigate #metoo in your faith community, social group, healing arts community, or mind-body conference.

  • How do I unpack the #metoo pain with more confidence and knowing?
  • How can I help those around me understand what I am going through in my healing?
  • What are the most beneficial tools that I can use to heal myself?
  • What am I afraid of in my healing process and how do I approach it anyway?
  • How can I practice self-care in the midst of my suffering?

What To Do After #metoo
Our Courage, Honesty, & Responsibility

We are in the midst of peeling off a huge band-aid in this #metoo movement. This is a pivotal moment in time. I believe we can rise differently and radically impact long-term outcome. This keynote or breakout is for audiences ready to be challenged.

Available as a 30- to 60-minute keynote. The 60 minute version allows for personal reflection, journaling, and/or group discussion. Applicable for churches, community groups, and corporate settings grappling with harassment. It could also be part of a community wide conversation and forum.

This program draws on my healing experience and how it can be applied to you – survivor or community member:

  • How does our relationship with Courage, Honesty, & Responsibility need to change?
  • What keeps us from interrupting abuse?
  • So often we feel powerless, how do we interrupt that in ourselves?
  • What are the hard questions in our community that can be addressed?
  • How can we support the survivors in our community?

The Other F Word: Forgiveness
Why Forgiveness Is Liberating

Each of us has something that immediately comes to mind when The Other F Word is brought up. What is your story surrounding un-forgiveness? We all have one, or more! The freedom on the other side is quite juicy and makes this process incredibly worthwhile. I share from my personal experiences.

Based on the soon to be released book The Other F Word, My Manual on Forgiveness this presentation shares the impact of Forgiveness and we spend time diving into the process.

Available in a two-hour, half-day, or full-day format. Great for churches, personal development groups, book clubs wanting to dive deeper, and survivors ready to explore The Other F Word.

  • Identify your un-forgiven story.
  • Become aware of excuses you give yourself in not letting it go.
  • Begin the process with planting the seed of desire with a guided visualization.
  • Achieve a new level of self-love and acceptance in full awareness of your un-forgiveness.
  • Approach forgiveness with new tools and concepts.
  • Recognize how your inner work ripples out to other areas of your life, your relationships, your future, and your past.

Additional topics that can be covered as a breakout session are My Voice in the #metoo Movement, Self-Care & Resiliency, Self-Acceptance & Love, Mindfulness in Trauma, Healing from Repressed Memories, and Mind-Body-Heart Practices for Self-Love.

Emotional Freedom Technique can be incorporated into any of these topics and taught to groups in as little as 45 minutes.