Being in the right place …

I spent the greater amount of my life wondering if I was in the right place. And now I know I have always been in the right place. How I arrived at this knowing is a really long story.

Once upon a time Angela was lost in the world. She didn’t know her purpose for living, everything felt so hard, and the world seemed like a place to beat her up. When she turned 30 she thought to herself, is this all there is? Laundry, dishes, broken relationships, TV, and fast food?

Just a few days ago was the 15 year remembrance of 9/11 – an infamous day in US history. Angela was 33 that year and that was her wake-up call. She wanted more out of life. She kept thinking it would be best to live each day as if it were her last – get the most out of each day – she didn’t know how to do that. All the stories of heroes, sheroes, and miracles that came out of this incredible tragedy were motivating to her. Over the next few years she took steps to create a better life, a life of meaning and purpose. This meant leaving parts of her behind that were sometimes painful to leave behind. Mostly these changes felt good and right. This created space to make different choices, which empowered her.

Fast forward to June 2015 – wowza, we really skipped a ton of details here! Details that were all steps in figuring out that I am always in the right place. Anyway, back to June of 2015! I had recently been hired by Dana Wilde to coach her amazing tribe with Tapping or EFT. Part of this was to do a webinar to teach tapping. This was a BIG moment for me. BIG!! Drum-roll please….I was in my lucky shirt, I had prepared and felt great about my debut in Dana’s world, and I logged in at the right moment and…………kaboom. My computer crashed. Just like that I was done. There was no rescuing it…it just imploded. I had two huge trains in my brain – OH SHIT and I Wonder what this is about? I knew Dana came from the Wonder train, but I wasn’t positive she would react that way. Dana said to the group of women waiting, “Well, I guess this wasn’t supposed to happen today. We will re-calibrate and find the next time that works for all of us and let you know.”

I took a deep sigh of relief and joy: I WAS IN THE RIGHT PLACE! I was working for someone that believed exactly what I believed and lived it. Two days later we did a fabulous 90 minute webinar that folks still watch.

Over time I will share more stories about how I finally embraced being in the right place at the right time – ALL the time. It took lots of practice and mind shifting. I wouldn’t go back to the thinking that kept me perpetually in the wrong place for anything today.